Jul 27, 2017

200 Proof Gospel #62 MoTown and Vacation Bible Night School

First, Mark Sell puts the Vacation back into Vacation Bible School.  

Then we ask, is Vacation Bible School really a good idea?  Some people say no, but I'm not sure that we understand why.  

Do you drop your kids off at the Baptist VBS one week, the Methodists the next and the Lutherans after that?   

Is VBS more than baby sitting while you go run errands?   

Check it out as the Master Distillers, Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio plum the depths of VBS.  

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Jul 20, 2017

200 Proof Gospel Episode 61 Teen Depression, Suicide and the 4th Commandment

Suicide is the number two killer of teenagers today. 
Our young people are living a seemingly hopeless life.  
Teen depression is a serious and ongoing problem.

What is causing it?  
How can we deal with it?  
What does the future hold? 

Check out this episode of 200 Proof Gospel.  Pastors Roth and Donofrio have some definite opinions about it.  


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