Jul 12, 2018

Episode 87 - Justification… the Gospely parts

Justification, what does it mean to be justified?  What is objective Justification? What is subjective Justification?  Why does it matter?   

Listen to the blowtorch of Christian "Gospelliness" as poured out liberally by the Master Distillers of the Gospel.   

The Master Distillers of the Gospel, Troy, Craig, and Mark dive into the depths of Justification.  

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Jul 7, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 86 - How can water…?

Baptism...  How can water do such great things?  

The Master Distillers take up some questions from an email from a listener.  

What about the person who is baptized as a baby and never comes back to church?  Or what if they do come back, many years later?  

What about the thief on the cross next to Jesus?  Was he baptized?   

The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy, and Craig answer these and many more of your questions will be answered in this amazing episode of 200 Proof Gospel!  

Drink deeply, my friends.  

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Jun 25, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 85 - Baptism Part 2

"Come on in boys, the water's fine!"   
Some basic teachings on baptism.  Who does what and why?  Am I being baptized to show my obedience to God?  
Is God doing something in baptism?  
Should I be baptized again because I wasn't sincere enough the first time?   
So many questions confuse people about Baptism, but the Master Distillers are working hard to distill some 200 Proof Good News Gospel to set your heart at ease.  

Join in with the Master Distillers, Mark, Troy, Timothy and Craig as they discuss Holy Baptism!   

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Jun 13, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 84 - BAP… wait for it… TISM!

Baptism is so confusing to so many Christians.  Who is the one baptizing?  How must one be baptized for it to work?  What do we know about baptism before the time of Jesus?  
Should you throw your couch into a lake?  Why would we even ask such a question?  

All of the Master Distillers Mark, Timothy, Troy, and Craig are all together on this one.  Check it out.  


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Jun 5, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 83 - Table of Duties… even more

WE ARE FAMILY!  I GOT ALL MY BROTHERS AND ME... which has nothing to do with this podcast.  Instead, we are talking about why are the explanations of the Small Catechism on the 6th commandment so long?  We are also talking about kids and parents in the Table of Duties from the Small Catechism.  

All the Master Distillers, Troy, Mark, Timothy and Craig are unchained as they distill some good stuff here.   


May 29, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 82 - Jerusalem, Trump and the Rapture

The US Embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.  Will this usher in the Kingdom of God?  Will this finally cause the rapture?  Is it a good idea?  Is there a Tiki Bar in Jerusalem?   

Listen to this white-hot episode of 200 Proof Gospel to find the answer to these questions and more as all four of the Master Distillers Mark, Timothy, Troy and Craig will illuminate your mind or at least entertain you while discussing this topic and more.   


May 2, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 81 Table of Duties Husband and Wives

The Master Distillers Mark and Craig hold court on the magical subject of marriage.  What do you owe to God and your spouse?  Is there any Gospel in that?  Well, listen and find out!   


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Apr 25, 2018

200 Proof Gospel #80 Duty Part Duce - The Government

Today's Master Distillers of 200 Proof Gospel are Mark, Troy and Craig.  

The Master Distillers dig deeper for part duce of the Table of Duties as they talk about what the government owes citizens and what citizens owe the government.  

This lesser discussed topic brings up a lot of odd situations and thoughts. 


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Apr 19, 2018

200 Proof Gospel #79 He said doodie - or was that duty?

The Master Distillers Timothy Roth and Craig Donofrio partake in a good sip of 200 Proof Gospel as they discuss the most undiscussed part of the Small Catechism, that being, the Table of Duties.  

What do you owe to your church, your government, your employer, your parents and the like, also, why?  


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Mar 30, 2018

Crucified - Good Friday Special

Music and prayers for your Good Friday devotions.  




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