May 31, 2017

200 Proof Gospel #56 Himmelfahrt!

Okay, better a week late than not at all.  
What is Himmelfahrt?  Heavenly gas or Ascension?  
The Master Distillers, Timothy, Mark and Craig dive into Himmelfahrt.  
Experience the sights, the sounds and the smells of Himmelfahrt!  


May 25, 2017

200 Proof Gospel Episode 55 Beat Good People With A Stick

Maybe the "good people" need to be beat with a stick and the bad people need some grace!  
Do you know that you do bad things and that you can't do enough to please God?  Maybe the problem isn't that you need to try harder, but rather you need to receive more forgiveness.   

So you think that you're a good person and pleasing God with your behavior? You need to be beaten senseless with the law of God, you aren't measuring up!  

This is the paradox of the Christian faith, those who know that they need to be saved receive grace and those who think that they're fine on their own, need to be accused by the law.   Law and Gospel and understanding "The Simul" are the keys to the Christian Faith. 

Mark, Timothy and Craig take on this topic and Memorial Day in the church.   

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May 17, 2017

200 Proof Gospel #54 National Holidays in Church?

Is it ever appropriate to sing the National Anthem during worship?   What is and isn't good in the way of celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day and the like?   

Pastors Sell, Roth and Donofrio take on the hard questions of Secular Holidays in the Christian Church.  

What is appropriate to do in the way of celebrating secular holidays in the Christian Church?  


May 11, 2017

200 Proof Gospel #53 The Good Shepherd of Vocation and Sanctification

The Good Shepherd usually walks in sheep dung.  
Mark and Craig talk about Jesus as the Good Shepherd and how He deals with all of our ugliness.  
As usual, like drunken goats, the Master Distillers wander off into other topics. They discuss vocation and sanctification.  It probably is a different approach than you have considered before.  
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May 2, 2017

200 Proof Gospel Episode 52 - 3rd Use of the Law? Live Streaming on Facebook, Why Are You A Lutheran?

A bold (or not so) experiment with Facebook Live Streaming and the Master Distillers Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio discuss why they are Lutheran Christians.  Have you been an adult convert to or from Lutheranism?  If so, what happened?   How did it happen?  Why Lutheran?  What other denominations did you try?  

With Pastor Mark Sell and Rev. Craig Donofrio 

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