200 Proof Gospel #89 Lord’s Supper Part 2 - The For You Part


FOR YOU!   How often do you hear or receive the Gospel, but it isn't clear that it is FOR YOU?   When you receive the Gospel, sometimes we are not sure that it is really for you, maybe for the guy next to you, but how can you be sure that the Gospel is for you?   

When you receive the bread/body and the blood/wine in your hand or in your mouth, there can be no doubt that this gift is for you.  Be careful though, it isn't just between you and Jesus as this goes on in a church and is a participation in the feast of the Lamb which has no end.  

When you commune, are you having dinner with your ancestors who have died in Christ?  

The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy and Craig continue to have fun sipping the 200 Proof Gospel this week as they serve up a portion of grace.   


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