Apr 25, 2018

200 Proof Gospel #80 Duty Part Duce - The Government

Today's Master Distillers of 200 Proof Gospel are Mark, Troy and Craig.  

The Master Distillers dig deeper for part duce of the Table of Duties as they talk about what the government owes citizens and what citizens owe the government.  

This lesser discussed topic brings up a lot of odd situations and thoughts. 


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Apr 19, 2018

200 Proof Gospel #79 He said doodie - or was that duty?

The Master Distillers Timothy Roth and Craig Donofrio partake in a good sip of 200 Proof Gospel as they discuss the most undiscussed part of the Small Catechism, that being, the Table of Duties.  

What do you owe to your church, your government, your employer, your parents and the like, also, why?  


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Mar 30, 2018

Crucified - Good Friday Special

Music and prayers for your Good Friday devotions.  



Mar 27, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 78 HOLY WHAT? HOLY WEEK!

Master Distillers, Troy and Craig pour some serious 200 Proof Gospel in this episode.   
What is Holy Week all about? 

What is Holy Week anyway?  
What does Maundy of Maundy Thursday mean?  
What's so good about Good Friday?  
What is an Easter Vigil?  
AND many more burning questions will be answered! 



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Mar 20, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 77 What do I do to be saved?

Master Distiller Troy joins Master Distiller Craig as they talk about the torment of decision theology and why it's TOTALLY messed up.   
What part do you play in Salvation?  
Does Jesus need your help to save you?  

Check it out and find out for yourself.  



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Mar 15, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 76 La La La Law

The Law of God is perfect and you aren't... are you?   

Join the Master Distillers, Mark, Timothy and Craig as they talk all things law.  

Where does the law come from?  
How do we know God's law?

Are we a bunch of hypocrites?

Tune in and find out!  


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Mar 7, 2018

200 Proof Gospel #75 How To Read A Bible

Is a Bible a manual for life?   What does the Bible say about my marriage, business, life, finances...?  Why doesn't it make sense and how can I make sense of it?   

Understanding Scriptures through a lens of Law and Gospel is the answer to how to read a Bible.   

Join Mark and Craig as they work through the principles to make the Bible make sense.  

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Feb 27, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 74 Craig’s Olympic Boycott and a wild potpourri of topics

The Gold Medalist Master Distillers discuss a mess of topics in this episode.
Craig refuses to compete in the Olympics because they are being held during Lent.    

Then Mark, Timothy, and Craig take on an email asking why they bag on other denominations and if the Master Distillers see those churches as Christian.  

Then, of course, a weird discussion on Transgendered Pastors and self-identifying as something other than what you actually are. 

Finally, the Master Distillers talk about the persecution of the church in N. Korea and around the world.   Christians are being murdered for their faith and we hear so little about it.   

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Feb 20, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 73 The Problem of Evil and Shootings

Why is there so much evil in the world and why would God allow it to happen? 

Throughout history, there have been terrible atrocities committed against millions and millions of our fellow human beings, if God is loving, why does He allow genocide, terrorism and mass shootings?   

The Master Distillers, Timothy Roth, Mark Sell and Craig Donofrio delve into the subject of the problem of evil in the world.

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Feb 13, 2018

200 Proof Gospel Episode 72 - Interview with Chad Bird

Master Distiller, Craig Donofrio interviews Author and Lecturer Chad Bird about Chad's TWO new Books, "Night Driving - Notes From a Prodigal Soul" and "Your God Is Too Glorious."  

Are you wounded and dragged down by poor decisions that you have made? Why does God Choose to use losers, oddballs, and weirdos?  Why would God use a murderous adulterer like David or a foolish man like Sampson?  Craig and Chad discuss these questions and much more.  

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